Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Messy Mother's Day

Kate and my Mother's Day tradition (all two years of it) has been to go to Starbucks before church and enjoy some girl time. This year, I was even going to be delivering the sermon, at Matt's request. (Nothing fancy, it was basically a compilation and expansion of these two blog posts about what motherhood has taught me about God.)

But then Kate woke up at 2 and 3 in the morning throwing up, and kept it up a few more times after sunrise (once ALL over me--fun fun), so we decided she needed to stay home. Matt read my message for me while I stayed home with a subdued and cuddly toddler. Watching some Abby and Elmo (or A&E to make her sound a little more refined) and a nice long nap on the couch perked her up enough for us to go out for Chinese that evening.

And while she slept, I packed a few boxes in preparation for our move in less than two weeks! Our house is so messy right now, with the living room full of boxes. Shelves are getting barer, and yet there still seems to be so much more to pack!

Kate doesn't really get the concept of "moving," I'm sure, though I think the changes are making her uneasy. When I moved some chairs in the dining room to make room for more boxes, she emphatically told me, "no, Mommy!!" When I ask if she's excited to go to the pool a lot this summer in our new neighborhood, she says, "no!" When I tell her, "You're going to have a big girl bed in our new house!" she says, "no!"

That said, she has decided she is done with the crib (perfect timing!), preferring to sleep on the couch, on her mattress on the floor, or on the floor itself... or in this case, on a box of books (just for a minute).

So, we're getting all the fun of putting her back in "bed" numerous times at bedtime, and corraling her back to bed when she decides to wander around at one in the morning!

Monday night, Matt and I came down with Kate's stomach bug. Me first, and Kate got out of bed every time I threw up to stand there in the bathroom (right by her room) and say "Mommy's sick" over and over, as she does when I have my usual nausea. And given that I threw up just about every hour, it was especially tough getting her to stay in bed that night. Then Matt started getting sick about 3 in the morning, and we were both sick, sore, and tired the next day. (Thank you, Granna and Opa for providing emergency child care so we could recuperate!)

So that was our messy Mother's Day and its aftermath. How was yours?


Matt Kelley said...

I love how Kate says "Uh oh" when she gets sick, like she's sorry for making extra work for us. She's so sweet!

Kristen P said...

what a rough weekend! good luck with the impending move.


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