Friday, April 08, 2011

Two Months

When I was pregnant with Kate, I made the mistake of counting months as sets of four weeks, which makes one essentially pregnant for ten months. So this time, I'll take my monthly photos on the 30th of each month, rather than on Week 4, Week 8, etc.

So... I was two months a couple weeks ago. (Too tired to get on the computer in the evenings since then!) Now I am at almost 11 weeks and get to go in for another checkup and ultrasound next week, and finally sharing my two month belly shot.
It's exaggerated a little because of the shadow behind me, but I'm seriously hanging out there already. I'd heard you show sooner with second and subsequent pregnancies, but man. I'm already having to be selective with my pants and skirts, and will break out the maternity clothes pretty soon. I don't mind getting big sooner, since I love "looking pregnant," but right now I just feel fat.

I would show a side-by-side comparison with my two month (8 week) picture with Kate, but that was right after the haircut from hell, which I stewed about for half my pregnancy (I asked for 1-2 inches off, they took 4. I was pretty ticked.) So, I'll compare with my four month Kate picture, since it seems I'm about as big--eek!

I'm throwing up about once a day, often during my morning commute. Yuck.
Most foods sound gross to me, but I'll experience very specific cravings and want that food right then. Like with Kate, I'm very open to suggestion. One morning I saw an egg salad sandwich in a magazine and so that's what I ended up making for breakfast. I'm still queasy and tired most of the time, and go to bed around 8:00. But that's par for the course!

I wouldn't trade it!


EMU said...

Haha! I ate my first egg salad sandwich in YEARS early this pregnancy because another pregnant friend of mine posted on Fb that she was craving one. I instantly stole her craving!

Kristen P said...

You look great!

SpeasHill said...

You look beautiful!

Kristen said...

You do look beautiful!

Katie Bug said...

You look great! And your attitude matches.

Mandi Parker said...

I work with a lot of pregnant women (doing prenatal massage) and I have discovered that they show a LOT earlier with the second, third, etc pregnancies. :-D


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