Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bird's Nest Baby Shower

A week and a half ago, our sister-in-law (Matt's brother's wife) Alexis, came down to Nashville for her baby shower! They are having a boy in July, and we were so excited to celebrate this coming attraction!

We did a bird's nest theme, featuring this gorgeous cake from Puffy Muffin
and these little favors of a bird cookie and three Cadbury mini-eggs in a little nest. These were my mom-in-law's idea, and they turned out adorable! (She baked and decorated the tiny cookies herself too.)
Instead of a game, we asked guests to write a bit of new-mom advice on little bird papers and tuck them into an egg for Alexis to open and read. It's funny how a few of us were the hard-asses, saying things like "let him self-soothe at bedtime and he'll sleep better," while others were the sweeter type, saying "take time for yourself," etc. :0)

Here is Alexis with her mother, our mother-in-law, and me.
(Yes, of course I intentionally dressed to match the party's color scheme.)

I got my little nephew a tub full of bath supplies and toys.

I thought these little saddle shoes Granna gave her grandson were simply adorable!!
(If we have a boy, we'll have to get some too!)

As a school reading specialist, of course Alexis takes her son's reading very seriously, and asked guests to bring a favorite children's book to build baby's library.
It was a fun event, and Baby Kelley (no, they haven't shared the name yet!) is now well-equipped for babyhood!


Katie Bug said...

Beautiful shower!

Party Of Four said...

What a cute shower!! Love the shoes too. : ) Have a blessed weekend!

Allyson said...

CUTE theme! LOVED the cake.


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