Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Less Big News

Just wanted to share a couple of newsy things that--while not quite comparing with last week's big news (BABY!!)--are still pretty cool.

First up, Ministry Matters, the awesome new website for church leaders I am working on, is very close to launch now, so if you haven't seen this promo video or signed up for Beta, check it out!

Ministry Matters Preview from Ministry Matters on Vimeo.

And secondly, the United Methodist News Service did an article about the trip to Israel Matt and twelve other young clergy went on recently. This pic of Matt putting prayers (including not just his, but mine and those of folks at our church) in the cracks of the Wailing Wall was on the front page of UMC.org.

I only wish he'd let me photoshop the pic first, since seeing the tag of his translucent yarmulke drives me nuts. But anyway!

I'm still zonked out and pretty useless in the evenings, but I'll get back to the regular blogging soon, I hope. My "morning" sickness will probably last the whole pregnancy, like last time, but if I recall, the complete exhaustion passes at some point. Right? Please tell me I'm right :0)


Matt Kelley said...

Sorry, dear. Your tag phobia didn't occur to me. They require men have a head covering, so I grabbed a yarmulke out of the bin.

Kristen said...

Great photo, tag and all (but I admit, I was thinking, "Is that a tag?" ;))! What an amazing experience that must have been.

Hope you perk up soon and that your all-day sickness goes away as well!


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