Monday, March 21, 2011

Big News!

Our family has gotten some big news in the last couple weeks:
We're moving back to Nashville!!

We are so excited about this change, glad to be going back to the area where most of our friends and some of our family are, where I work (goodbye 50-mile commute!), and where Matt and I feel at home. Matt doesn't want to reveal the church that he's being appointed to until he's sure all appropriate parties (i.e. the people at that church) have been told, but from what we know, it looks like it's going to be a good fit. AND, it doesn't have a parsonage, which means we get to buy our own home. The church move will be in June, so we are looking at houses and hope to move in late May or early June. We are so, so excited for this opportunity.

I bet you thought our "big news" was that we are pregnant again, didn't you? 

That's what people always think when they see a post title like that.

And in this case, you would be right!

We're expecting another baby!!

We are due October 30, and are so excited for another addition to our family. I'm only 8 weeks along, but we felt ready to tell the world. With Kate, we kept it just between Matt and I for four weeks, telling family at 8 weeks and everybody else not long after that. This time, we found out literally moments before I took Matt to the airport for his Israel trip, so I just had to tell my parents and some close friends right away, at 4.5-5 weeks, or I would have gone crazy while he was gone. We told Matt's parents as soon as he got back from Israel (so that he could be there when we told them) and have been gradually letting the cat out of the bag since then.

I've been in the "exhausted" phase for the last few weeks, totally useless in the evenings and napping whenever I can on the weekends. I started feeling sick last week, and the "morning" sickness is picking up some steam, I think. I got sick throughout my pregnancy with Kate, so I would expect no less this time. Preggie Pop Drops are my friend.

Kate--to the extent she can understand--is excited about the baby. She loves babies, and I can ask her, "Kate, where is Mommy's baby?" and she'll point to my stomach (which is already pouching out a little, I think. I hear you show a lot earlier with subsequent children, but it could be just a subconscious decision not to suck in my baby-flab anymore. Who knows.)

We used this cute "big sister" shirt to share the news with the grandparents.

So in short, 2011 is going to be a big year for us!


Sonya said...

Wow! Congrats on two great things!

EMU said...

So fun! Congrats on all your great news. I actually wondered a few weeks ago if you were pregnant due to your recent lack of blogging! :)

Paul Stroble said...

Lots of great news!

Cindie said...

What exciting news! I am so happy for the three of you. A new job, a new house and a new baby all in a matter of months!
Congratulations on all three!!

Kristen said...

SO very excited for you guys, all the way around! Very much looking forward to you all being closer and to see Kate as a big sister! :)

TeeTee Lynn said...

OH Wow! Congratulations on the new baby and the move. :) Hope you feel ok despite the morning sickness! I am so happy for you guys!!!

Katie Bug said...

Congrats on everything! The Nashville move is super exciting, but it sure is hard to top a new baby!
So excited for your family...I even got a bit teary eyed.

Kerri said...

That is so exciting! I'm so happy for you guys!

Kim and Josh said...

Yay for all kinds of exciting news!! Hope the sickness and exhaustion passes soon!

Lisa H. said...

Congrats on all of the wonderful upcoming 2011 events! Soooo happy for you guys! :)

Kristen P said...

Very cool! your baby will be a Halloween baby! I have a friend born November 1 and she loves it because it's always a fun party time around her birthday... costumes!


kim schmidt said...

Congratulations on the relocation back to Nashville, the new church, the new home, and the new baby!!! We are stoked for you guys all the way in New Jersey!


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