Thursday, February 24, 2011

well, that was easy

About a month ago, when Kate turned two, we put the paci away for good.
She'd had it for nighttime only for about a month (minus a few naps where we were desperate)
and it had been naptime and nighttime only for the six months before that.
She sure loved her "bapi," but only asked for it twice after we took it away.
So I guess it's official...
my little girl
is not a baby anymore.

Ages of pics, scrolling back up are: 1 mo., 4 mos., 8 mos., 14 mos., 17 mos., and 20 mos. It was interesting browsing back through pictures, seeing how rarely we saw it in pictures after 18 mos. (once it was naptime only) and how she also didn't have it much before two months--before she learned to self-soothe with it, I guess, or maybe just when she was still helpless enough we could yank it out for pictures!


Kristen said...

We will be making this transition within the next couple of weeks! I am so nervous about it with Landon, although I'm not quite sure why because Addie's transition sounds similar to Kate's! Still slightly freaking out...


Katie Bug said...

I love the picture 'regression'! It's very bittersweet.
Katelyn was only a paci girl for 3 months, then she decided her thumb was waaay better. She's been sucking it noticably less in the past few months, but I think we're at least a year away from it being completely gone.

TeeTee Lynn said...

Congrats! I'm not looking forward to that step with Nora. I guess we have a little while still...


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