Tuesday, February 22, 2011


A few people have commented that they miss Project Life. I'm glad I didn't commit myself to doing it this year, since I needed to relieve the self-imposed pressure to blog almost every day. But, I admit, I do sometimes miss the opportunity to share the fun little moments that otherwise wouldn't get shared.

So, here are a few snapshots from the past few weeks, and the stories these pictures tell...

Feb. 6: Kate and I played with her kitchen for a while, and both wore our aprons. We have fun making sandwiches and packing picnics with her play food, and having tea parties with her tea set. She is very particular with her imaginary play--if you drink your air before she's ready, she'll say "No!" and refill your cup immediately.

 Feb. 7: Kate put on her fairy clothes to watch some Abby Cadabby with Daddy on his computer...
 ... and to climb on her block table. She's a rowdy little fairy princess.

Feb. 10: Snow days can't slow me down! Well, maybe a little, but I'm still connected even when the office is closed. I never thought I'd be a tech-gadgety person, but now I can get email and Internet 24/7 on four different devices--work and home computers, smartphone, and the (office owned) iPad. I've especially been enjoying the iPad, taking notes on it, reading Kindle books, and exploring cutting-edge apps like The Daily, the world's first tablet-only newspaper. (note: the wine was in the evening, not in place of morning coffee or anything.)
Kate, of course, is drawn to the iPad as she is every other gadget we have. Since she wanted to mess with it, I simply opened a new note, and asked her, "Where's the A?" "Where's B?" and she would look for them on the QWERTY keyboard. As you see, she was able to get A B C D I K M O and R.

Feb. 13: Kate opened Valentine's Day presents from each of her grandparents. I got such a kick out of the tagline on the box of play fruit my parents gave her... "Realistic Produce for Health-Conscious Pretend Play." Those plastic cookies are pretty high-calorie. (just kidding, I get their meaning, and it makes total sense to reinforce healthy foods even in play.)

Feb. 14: Matt and I went out for sushi the night before for our Valentine's date, but Matt did get me three roses on Valentine's Day, and after Kate went to bed, we enjoyed some wine and strawberries dipped in chocolate (melted leftover Halloween candy) and played Scrabble Slam. You start with a four-letter word, so "love," of course seemed an appropriate place to start.

Feb. 18: Kate discovered the joy of playing inside cabinets, which includes the joy of throwing (plastic) bottles of olive oil and whatever else gets in her way out of the cabinet so she can climb in.
... and even though this isn't a "real" Project Life post, I'm going to go ahead and link up on The Mom Creative's weekly Linky. Happy Tuesday!



Steph said...

My son loves our Ipod Touch. That's a really creative way to use the Ipad.

Maegan Roper said...

So many fun updates wrapped up into one post! And I'm tickled to see her wearing her fairy headband ;) She is so adorable and I'm looking forward to meeting her soon!

Katie Bug said...

I love Scrabble Slam! Unfortunately, I am incredibly slow at it and will probably never, ever win a round. It's still fun, though.


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