Friday, February 11, 2011


If you ever come to my house, I will want you to look through my most recent scrapbook pages, but I realized I haven't shared any here in a while! (Added bonus: you can X out of the post if you want to, without hurting my feelings, whereas on my living room couch--you're trapped!)

This page commemorates a family carnival we went to on Labor Day at Southeast Christian in Louisville, when we were up there visiting my parents. We played games and Kate got her face painted. I like the little ticket and hang-tag detail on the page, as well as the multi-colored mishmash of letters.

This layout is all about Kate's Halloween costume. I made the pumpkins using my paper crimper.

My Thanksgiving layout this year focused on all the second cousins we saw as we were together with Matt's cousins and all their kids. Kate and Lexi were especially buddy-buddy, and we met the new baby twins for the first time.  

The last time I blogged about scrapbooking, I mentioned finding some tiny ladybug stickers in my supply stash, and how I needed to remember to use them when Kate left the Ladybug Room at school, to commemorate that time. So, I did. I never took a big class pic or anything, but I did have this, my favorite photo of Kate at school--hugging her little friend Amy, who should be turning 2 very soon and joining her in the Bug Room! (The rooms there are not all named for insects. It's just a coincidence.)

I've had that grass-printed paper as long as I've had the ladybug stickers--I think I got both those things for a picnic layout in 2001. I'm definitely purging some of my stash next time we move!

Are you a scrapbooker? What pics or events are you scrapping about now?


Pretty as the Morning said...

I just finished a book on our summer vacation to San Francisco and I added our "looking back/looking ahead" pages for our reflective book. I think up next is scrapping the pregnancy...but really I need to work on the Vanu graduation book. The gold and black has just left me so overwhelmed and uninspired (for 3 years!). How did you do yours and Matts? Any suggestions or inspiration would be awesome!

EMU said...

Girl, you are caught up! I'm impressed!

Up next for me is a few xmas pages from this year to go in our xmas scrapbook. Can't say I'm in a hurry though! :)

Kristen said...

I love it, but am quite disappointed that I didn't get to see these in person when we were there for Kate's party - definitely another time! I am always super-impressed by scrapbooks.

Katie Bug said...

I am not even close to a scrapbooker. You actually came to my mind last week when Katelyn and I were making Valentines for her friends. I'm sure you would have thought they looked pitiful!
Your pages, on the other hand, are beautiful!


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