Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Snowy Valentine

This week we experienced our fifth or sixth snow of the winter (I've lost count). Thursday was the second time they actually closed the office, and Friday morning marked about the eighth time they've opened late or closed early due to icy conditions. It took me three hours to get home Wednesday night. It usually takes about one (or, with no traffic, a little less than one hour). It was crazy, and since Matt was also down in Nashville when the snow hit, it took him two hours to get back up to Clarksville and get Kate, whose day care closed two hours early, and one hour earlier than he was actually able to get there. It was bad. And yet, I have heard stories from people who usually take only 20-30 minutes to get home taking three hours as well (more surface streets) so I guess I was lucky at least to be on the interstate and traveling at least part of the way before dark fell.

Anyway, I'd say we in Tennessee (and the whole South, really... what's that? the Northeast too? yeah, everybody) are quite ready for this snowy winter to be over!

While we are under no delusion it's the end, today feels remarkably spring-like! There's still some snow on the ground, but it's about 50 degrees and sunny. Kate and I even went outside to play without any coats on. Enough of the yard was snow-free that Kate could play on her swing and slide, and we sat for a while on the driveway and sang songs. (For the record, "Twinkle, Twinkle" is the first song Kate actually sings along with me, not just doing the hand motions.)

Decked out in a pink, ruffly sweater dress for Valentine's weekend, Kate enjoyed the sunny, snowy, pseudo-spring day (and I did too).

Happy Valentine's Day!

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