Saturday, January 15, 2011

Slices of Life

Just a few little slices of life from the last week...

Middle Tennesee has had a lot of snow this past week ("a lot" being a very relative term). Monday, my office was even closed, which was very surprising, a) because they never close, and b) because the weather really didn't look that bad. Turned out, this was an odd storm in that it got worse the further south one went. Up where we are, the one inch we got was mostly melted by noon! But in downtown Nashville, they got about four inches and a fair amount of ice, and an hour south of that, they got 10-12 inches! Crazy. So, schools were closed all week, and our office parking lot was a skating rink for the remaining four days of the work week.

Our little family snow day on Monday was fun, though. I got to watch Sesame Street with Kate, while she wore a new tutu and wand she got for Christmas. Little fairy-in-training :0)

That afternoon, I designed Kate's birthday party invitation (a monkey/jungle theme) and Kate worked on her laptop next to me.

Kate likes to divvy things out among various containers--usually Cheerios in her teacups or among the cups of a muffin pan--but she discovered she can serve up yogurt to numerous guests as well.
And for the record, I don't typically dress my child in short sleeves when there's snow on the ground, but when I went for a long-sleeved dress, she specifically asked to wear her yellow dress. The child loves yellow--or "wewwow." She knows other colors, but prefers to point out yellow wherever she sees it (and sometimes, where she doesn't--I've worried that she has some sort of yellow haze over her eyes where she sees everything as yellow!). She and Matt didn't leave the house all day, though, so it's okay.

Friday night, we had two social engagements (rare--since our social lives are usually pretty ho-hum!) and traversed a good portion of the midstate to get to these gatherings. Matt left Clarksville in the afternoon to pick me up at work in Nashville, we went to Hermitage for a dinner, then down to Spring Hill for our friend Nancy's birthday. I know these names mean nothing if you're not from here, but Google Maps tells me that is a one-way trip of 96 miles. Whew! So we got to Nancy and John's around 8:30, put Kate down in Becca's pack&play and joined the party. We probably would have left by 10:30 to drive the 80 miles back home, but they graciously offered us their guest room, so we just stayed over!

It was nice not to have to make that drive late at night, but especially nice that Becca and Kate got to play a little in the morning (since we didn't get there before bedtime the night before). These girls are such a sweet pair. I didn't take my camera, but Matt snapped a few pics with his phone... the girls playing with their respective Elmo dolls (actually, they've traded in this pic, and Becca is wearing a zookeeper costume) and below that, playing with kitchen stuff. (Becca got a kitchen for Christmas too!)

Thanks for your hospitality, John and Nancy! It was a really fun start to the long weekend.

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