Thursday, January 06, 2011

Fun in Mommy's Office

Due to some miscommunication over child care this morning, Kate ended up hanging out in my office for an hour and a half or so. It was fun to have her there, and she was actually very good! I don't mean to sound so surprised by that, but so often if I'm on the computer at home, she has to be on my lap, trying to hit the keyboard, screaming if I don't let her, etc. But not so today...

She had Elmo for company, and (since I didn't let her eat breakfast at home, for fear she would throw up in the car) she ate all the crackers I brought to eat with my salad at lunch. Boo. But at least she was occupied!

She put Mommy's sunglasses on her head like I do, and got to work coloring a picture with highlighters--just like I used to do when my dad took me to his office as a kid! Fond memories (that I wrote about previously here).
And when she did decide she wanted to get in my lap and check out what I was working on, she busied herself (mostly) with napkins and coffee mugs and mini creamer containers so I could still work. (BTW, it depresses me how bare my office looks here. We're moving to a different floor and things have been packed up for over a month.)
And eventually she took her crackers and her highlighters to a nearby conference table to draw until Opa was able to pick her up.

After she left, I surveyed the floor of my office: three highlighters, two pens, fifty plastic spoons, and some cracker crumbs. And one piece of artwork that I will treasure as a memory of this morning's unexpected delight.

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