Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Aunt Jessica!

You may have already seen this news in my post about our Christmas festivities, but I then redacted this part because the parents-to-be hadn't yet told their friends and more extended family. (Oops!)

The big news of Christmas Eve was that Kate will soon have a cousin!! Matt's brother Andrew and our sister-in-law Alexis shared the news with this cute ornament. We're so excited about our little niece or nephew, due July 21!!

I'm so excited for them, and for Matt and I to become an uncle and aunt! It will be hard for me not to buy every cute newborn thing I see and send it to them!

Does it ever seem like babies come in waves, where for a while, no one you know is pregnant and then suddenly everyone is? I think the mommy-blogosphere exacerbates that, because when I actually think about it, among our "real life" circles, it's only my best childhood friend and our sister-in-law who are expecting (due in April and July, respectively). But among the bloggers I read, there are several who are pregnant and several who just gave birth. And another for whom the baby they are adopting was just born!

Babies, babies everywhere! I love it! Especially since one of those babies will be our niece or nephew.
Congrats again, Andrew and Alexis, and best wishes for a joyful, uneventful pregnancy!


Lisa H. said...

Congrats Andrew and Alexis!!!! We're so happy for you and the rest of your family. We look forward to seeing you again...whenever! :)

SpeasHill said...

Hey! I didn't know you knew the Hollumseseseses! Oh wait, maybe I did. Oh, what an inbred group we Methodists are. And by "inbred," I mean "connectional." :)


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