Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Project Life (Dec. 6-12)

More Christmas fun this week, starting with...

Monday 12/6: Our new favorite Christmas book, The Latke Who Couldn't Stop Screaming: A Christmas Story, is really more of a Hanukkah story, but that's part of the joke. This silly story by Lemony Snicket is about a latke who runs, screaming, from the pan of sizzling oil he's about to get fried up in, and he keeps on screaming because of frustrating conversations he has with a string of lights, a candy cane, and an evergreen tree, all of whom are trying to co-opt him into a Christmas thing.

Tuesday 12/7: All the presents (except the 2-3 I haven't bought yet) all wrapped and waiting in the spot where our tree will go, once we get it. That's tomorrow.

Wednesday 12/8: In the morning, Santa Claus came to Kate's school and gave the kids books (lovingly chosen and wrapped by Santa's mommy- and daddy-elves). That night, we got our tree!

Thursday 12/9: I gave Kate an Elmo ornament to go on our tree. As with everything E-L-M-O (we have to spell it to avoid a riot) Kate loves it and likes to carry it around the house. I doubt it will spend much time on the tree.
Friday 12/10: Reading and highlighting a couple articles for work, I let Kate color on one while I read the other. She likes to do whatever Mommy's doing (which explains why the moment I set my highlighter down to pick up the camera, she picked it up--forget those crayons!)

Saturday 12/11: My friend Nancy and I took the girls to Nashville's Adventure Science Center. Kate and Becca had tons of fun running around all the exhibits. (Full post about our visit here!)
Sunday 12/13: It snowed!! December snow is kind of rare here, but we got about 1-2 inches. We bundled Kate up and went outside to play, but she was wary to venture into the grass, so she carried her sand shovels on a little family walk down the street. It was sweet to see our three sets of bootprints all in a row.
Check out more people's Project Life posts here, and have a wonderful Tuesday!


EMU said...

WHAAAA? I can't let a present hit the floor without Bop IMMEDIATELY finding and opening it! Kate must be an angel! :)

SpeasHill said...

Becca carries her ornament around the house all day long, too - usually the first thing she does when she gets up is pluck it from the tree.

Also, I'm with EMU - I haven't wrapped anything even though I love doing it b/c B would have them ripped open in about .5.

Katie Bug said...

I am a big fan of Lemony Snicket! I've only read a handful of the Series of Unfortunate Events and his 'biography', but I think his writing is so clever!


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