Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Project Life (Dec. 13-19)

It's Christmas week--woo hoo! I don't know why I'm so excited; I guess just the joy of celebrating with Kate and other family members, and having some vacation time to relax at home. Nonetheless, I've been acting like a little kid lately, counting the days and eagerly awaiting the start of our celebrations.

Last week was full of holiday preparations, of course.

Monday 12/13: Kate's newest game is taking a handled box (or this purse I let her play with) and saying "bye-bye! bye-bye!" and leaving the room. Then she'll run back into the room and do it all again. It's so cute. Just like Mommy heading off with her briefcase. (Love this pic, too. What a sweet smile.)
Tuesday 12/14: I love to use my crock pot to prepare easy dinners, but sometimes even that isn't so easy when you have to prepare a lot of ingredients in the morning, prior to putting them in the pot all day. So, my busy-mom trick is to chop any ingredients that need chopping the night before, and measure out the spices, and have all that in the fridge ready to go the next morning. I can easily dump in the tupperware, plus any canned goods or rice, before leaving for work. (This was "easy paella," from a recipe in Parents mag.)

Wednesday 12/15: I was so proud of myself for ordering my Christmas cards early, but then I didn't address and send them until now--ten days before Christmas!

Thursday 12/16: A member of our church who moved away (Kate's "birthday buddy," in fact, since they share a birthday) sent Kate a gift, and while I kept it under the tree for a while, we decided to let Kate open it early. She's getting the hang of tearing open wrapping paper--I know she'll have fun Christmas Eve and Christmas morning!

Friday 12/17: BTW, the gift from sweet Miss Cindie was the Tickle Monster Laughter Kit, the book Tickle Monster (by Josie Bissett, apparently of Melrose Place fame) packaged with the fuzzy tickle mitts intended for the parent/reader, but Kate loves to wear them herself! We've read the book at least a dozen times already--she loves it!

Saturday 12/18: Cookie baking!! I don't do a lot of baking at Christmas, but I like to make and decorate cutout cookies, since they are the most festive-looking. I used royal icing this year, rather than my usual buttercream frosting. They are nice and smooth and shiny.

Sunday 12/19: The church had its annual childrens' Christmas party, at which Santa comes and brings gifts for the kids. Kate and the other toddlers/preschoolers got Sesame Street alphabet puzzles--a perfect choice!

I hope you all are having a great Christmas week!


Cindie said...

Love this blog and the picture of her opening the present! I didn't realize who had written that book until you mentioned it here. I guess that is something you would pick up on....LOL. Thanks for sharing these moments with me and everyone else who reads your blogs

Jessica Miller Kelley said...

Actually, it was Matt who said, "Is that the same Josie Bissett from Melrose Place?" He knows random pop culture references like that. If they weren't on Friends, I don't know them.

Katie Bug said...

Kate looks so grown up in those last few pictures!
I have heard that the Tickle Monster book is so much fun for toddlers.


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