Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Project Life (Christmas Week!)

Woo hoo! I'm celebrating because a) this Project Life encompasses the Christmas holiday, which was so fun, of course, but also b) because this is the penultimate Project Life installment, and I am glad. I've enjoyed the weekly linkup on The Mom Creative, but it has also stressed me out in some ways I don't need. So, I'm letting it go. But as for this week...

Monday 12/20: The stage is set and waiting--animals, shepherds, wise men (even though they didn't come until later), and even angels--all holding their breath for the arrival of the holy family! I've really enjoyed having this Advent calendar to count the days with Kate.

Tuesday 12/21: No picture. I don't remember what I was up to, other than getting so eager for the holiday vacation!
Wednesday 12/22: Matt and I spent two hours assembling Kate's play kitchen. It was a parental rite of passage, and we were very happy with the results!

Thursday 12/23: The office was closed today, and I spent the whole day cleaning, straightening, grocery shopping, repainting the trim in the bathroom, and other household things that needed to be done before the parents came for their holiday visit! I also enjoyed being at home for Sesame Street, which I never am! I tried to get other stuff done while Kate was enjoying her show, but she wanted me in the room, enjoying it with her! (Here's how rough we look before showering and dressing!)

Friday 12/24: Christmas Eve! See my whole Christmas recap post here, but the main celebration of the day was brunch and presents at my in-laws' house. I love Kate's little corduroy jumper, patterned tights, and curlique hairbow, and the love with which Daddy is watching her open that present.

Saturday 12/25: Christmas Day! More presents and family time at our house, and the main event was Kate's new kitchen. Here she is with the pots and pans we gave her, and the little wooden food items that came with the set. So cute! I wish it would actually get her to EAT broccoli and carrots. (Veggies are still verboten, apparently, though she's eating a little more meat now.)

Sunday 12/26: Still enjoying my parents' visit, I tried a new recipe for dinner--the "Entertaining Angels Pork Medallions and Carrots." It was the winner of author Rachel Held Evans' "biblical womanhood recipe contest," in conjunction with her forthcoming book about trying to live out the Bible's commands for women a la A.J. Jacobs' The Year of Living Biblically: One Man's Humble Quest to Follow the Bible as Literally as Possible. The meal was indeed a winner!

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