Friday, December 10, 2010

Crib Notes

Kate napped in a big girl (well, toddler) bed today! Not at our house, but at Granna and Opa's. They bought this adorable toddler bed a month or so ago, but Kate has refused to sleep in it. She would sit on it to play or read books, but when it was time to sleep... no way. They had to get her pack & play back out for her to sleep in when we were there over Thanksgiving.

But today, when placed in her pack & play for a nap, she stood up and pointed at the bed. "You want to sleep there?" Opa asked. She nodded "yes," and there she is, sleeping in a bed!

Several people have asked me since I posted this video of Kate climbing out of her crib at 20 months if we've transitioned her to a toddler bed yet. I know it's strange, but she hasn't climbed out again since then!

She clearly knows how to climb out (I have videographic proof!) but she usually doesn't balk at going to bed, just lays down and waits to be covered up. A few times in the last couple months, she has cried at bedtime and started to lift her leg over the railing like she's going to climb out. I just ignore it and leave the room. Thirty seconds later, I peek in on her, and she's sitting down in the crib, holding up Big Raffi to be covered up.

Her crib is a convertible, so if we can figure out how to remove the front and add a railing, I guess we'll be in good shape. But I'm not feeling much of a rush. So long as she's happy in her crib at home, my little big girl can keep that vestige of babyhood a while longer.


VanderbiltWife said...

I stressed so much over moving Libbie to a toddler bed. Months and months. We finally moved here the Sunday after Thanksgiving just by saying no more crib. The bed had been set up for a few weeks for her to get used to the idea. The first night she cried for about 15-20 minutes, and we have had pretty much no problems since then. It's amazing! And she's so cute sleeping in her "big girl bed."

Kristen P said...

I remember as a toddler, or maybe I was 3 or 4, not sure what that age range is called, I had those metal sidings on a regular twin bed so I wouldn't fall out. They were definitely not the safest thing, but it was the 80's and they were Sesame Street so they seemed to work fine for me/my parents. I'm pretty sure they are outlawed these days. Children's bedroom furniture has come a long way!

Katie Bug said...

Earlier this week, I was wondering if Kate was in a toddler bed yet. Bug is still in her crib, too. She has yet to make an escape attempt, so we'll probably keep her there for a while.
Bug's bed is a convertible, too, but I'm thinking maybe we should buy her a separate bed so we can use the crib again when #2 comes along (someday). That way, she won't have to change beds twice.

The Kelly's said...

She's getting so big! We put Megan in a "big girl" bed a month or so ago. She has done really well and never tries to get out. It was our first step to preparing her to be a big sister.


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