Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Project Life (Thanksgiving Week)

I'm so excited that the holiday season is upon us!! We had a fun Thanksgiving week, and hope you did too!

Sunday 11/21: I made cranberry sauce for Kate's school Thanksgiving lunch on Monday. Matt said she mainly ate mac & cheese and wouldn't try my cranberries. Boo!

Monday 11/22: I kept trying to take a picture of Kate with the stuffed turkey, but she kept tossing it away from her! She was more interested in Brown Bear, Brown Bear.
Tuesday 11/23: More cooking! My only contribution to Thanksgiving dinner was two pumpkin pies. Kate enjoyed sitting on the counter and "helping" me make them.

Wednesday 11/24: After work on Wednesday, our holiday weekend began! We checked into "Hotel Kelley," where Kate stayed with her grandparents while we went out with Matt's cousin, his wife, and her sister. Sushi seemed a perfect, light pre-Thanksgiving meal. Us girls all had rolls, but the guys wanted the sashimi sampler, which arrived on this big wooden boat! You can't tell the scale very well in this pic, but the boat was about two feet long and one foot wide!

Thursday 11/25: Thanksgiving Day! I took a bunch of pictures (see the recap post here!) but this one may sum up the day best: Kate meeting her new little second cousin Estella with big cousin Lexi looking on. It was a day full of kids and family, and many of us were meeting Estella and her twin brother Henry for the first time!

Friday 11/26: Lexi was so taken with Kate, and she begged to spend the night with all of us at my in-laws'. They played until bed, and then bright and early Friday morning! (No Black Friday shopping for us this year--my Christmas shopping is almost done already!) I loved seeing Lexi pick Kate up--so cute!
Saturday 11/27: After all the Thanksgiving fun with Matt's side of the family, Kate and I headed up for a quick trip to my parents' house.  Kate likes playing with my old toys that Mom saved, like this cash register (cash? what's that?) Nala also gave Kate the "snow bunny" pajamas that match the bunny slippers she got her a few weeks ago--such a cute little ensemble! (Old Navy, if you're interested.)
Sunday 11/28: The main reason for my visit was my dad's victory party, celebrating his Louisville Metro Council win. All the folks who contributed money, made phone calls, put up campaign signs, etc. were invited, and it was a great celebration of all their hard work and high hopes for Louisville's future!

I hope your holiday season is off to a fun and festive start, and that our Project Life hostess, Jessica Turner of The Mom Creative, is getting some relief from the morning sickness that has kept her down the last few weeks!

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Susan said...

Looks like you really enjoyed the holidays.

Great shots!!


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