Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Project Life (Nov. 15-21)

This week might also be known as "the week I thought was Thanksgiving." For whatever reason, I kept thinking it was Thanksgiving week. Not so much as to not show up to work on Thursday or something, but in my head, I was a little off-kilter. Anyway, it was the week BEFORE Thanksgiving, and the week of both my mom's and Matt's birthdays.

Monday 11/15: Mom came to town for a couple days while Matt took a retreat to the Thomas Merton Center. It happened to be her birthday, so (even though I gave her her present when Mom and Dad visited the week before) we celebrated with dinner at Olive Garden and a little bitty cake!

Tuesday 11/16: Good to know Kate can be obstinent for other people too. Here's Kate saying "no, Nala. I do not want to go get dressed right now. Thank you for the invitation."

Wednesday 11/17: I get a lot of my decorations as hand-me-downs from my mom. She brought me these pilgrims that I put on the mantle. Cute, huh?
Thursday 11/18: No picture today, but here's two for...

Friday 11/19: Matt's 30th birthday!! We celebrated with dinner at Matt's parents' house and then going out to the Flying Saucer, a great beer-hall style bar we used to frequent in our Div School days.

Saturday 11/20: The next day I did some family pics for our friends the Hills. Becca is Kate's BFF and her Mommy and Daddy are pretty cool too!

Sunday 11/21: I made muffins before church Sunday morning, and remembered to use these cute turkey napkins! I've had them a while, but only use a few each November, so they last, and I enjoy them each year!

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