Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Project Life (Nov. 1-7)

It's Project Life Tuesday! Wahoo! Check out Jessica Turner's Project Life posts for even more of this weekly blogstravaganza. The big event of my week was my parents' visit. It's always fun for Kate to have her grandparents in town!

Monday 11/1: Most of my fall decorations are generically autumnal--leaves, pumpkins, acorns, etc. With Halloween over, I swapped out the few jack o' lanterns and black cats for cornucopias and turkeys. It's November! I was sad to put this little guy away, though.
Tuesday 11/2: Election Day! It was a sad day for Democrats, but I was nonetheless excited for my dad, who won his race for Louisville Metro Council. Winning 74.4% of the vote, it was a great day in Jerry-dom! (He has always lauded my accomplishments by saying "it's a great day in Jessica-dom!") I watched the Jefferson County GOP watch party streaming live online, and snagged this screen shot of my dad.

Wednesday 11/3: We went to the big annual fundraiser for Magdalene/Thistle Farms, the ministry with which I went on the prison tour trip to Houston this summer. The theme of the event was "love stories," and each attendee got a lovely book made of actual thistle-paper.
Thursday 11/4: My parents came to town for a long weekend with us! After keeping Kate most of the day while Matt went to various appointments, we all went out to Red Lobster. Kate wore the plastic lobster bib and really loved drinking with a straw out of her little kids meal cup. You can't see the lobster on the bib very well because of her hand, and you can't see the cup at all because of her sippy cup--so, not a very good pic at all, but it's what we got!
Friday 11/5: I didn't get a picture today. Mom and Dad spent a tourist day in Nashville--I met them for lunch at the cafe at the Frist (great food!) after they toured the impressionist exhibit. Then we all had dinner at Matt's parents' house. But no pictures!

Saturday 11/6: We went to the Clarksville Customs House Museum to play in the childrens' area. They have a fun grocery/kitchen area that Kate really loved.
Sunday 11/7: I went to a bridal shower for a girl at church, and finally played the classic bridal shower game I'd always heard about but never played--dressing people (in my case, the bride's little sister) up in a "wedding dress" made of toilet paper. I thought she looked pretty good!

So that was my week! How about yours?

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