Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Project Life (Halloween Week)

Ok, I'm really trying to finish out this Project Life marathon for 2010. Last week, I got back in the swing of things after a few weeks' hiatus, and this week, I'll actually put dates on the pictures!

Monday 10/25... (okay, this wasn't actually Monday. It was actually later in the week. But the rest, I'm on the ball!)
I decided that rather than buying Kate a trick-or-treat bucket to use every year--and store in a closet the other 364 days a year--we would improvise and make our own each year. Then, her bag can coordinate with her costume, and we get to do a fun art project! So, since she's a kitty this year, with a little goldfish-shaped license, we took a blue gift bag and decorated it with a fish. Kate loved the glue stick!
Tuesday 10/26: My cousin had a baby! Well, actually that happened a month ago, but we got a birth announcement this week, so does that count? Welcome Baby Sadie!

Wednesday 10/27: We went to Trunk or Treat at Christ UMC, and Kate the Kittycat had fun with her friend Becca the Saint Bernard. Kate loved running around the church parking lot and didn't want to go home!
Thursday 10/28: Our church had a big consignment sale to raise money for the building fund. Thursday night was the preview sale for consigners. Kate was pretty fascinated by this wedding dress someone was selling (a very nice dress for $200--good deal!) Daddy took this pic on his phone.

Friday 10/29: Kate's school did some trick-or-treating through the hallways before their class parties. Second time practicing this whole I-walk-around-and-you-give-me-candy concept, I think she's starting to get it! Other kids in her class were a fairy, a golfer, a chicken, Tinkerbell, and a pirate wench.

Saturday 10/30: Our friend Maria did a nice family photo shoot of us. There are plenty of Kate that I will share later in the week, but I thought, hey, there aren't enough pics of Matt and I in Project Life, so here's a beautiful shot of just us!
Sunday 10/31: Halloween!! Kate had a fever on Saturday, and ended up throwing up a little Sunday morning, so she and I stayed home from church and she slept most of the day (seriously--a two hour morning nap and a three hour afternoon nap! I got a lot of scrapbooking, gift wrapping, and book reading done!) After all that rest, she was full of energy to go trick or treating!

We did our whole street, and Kate just took it all in. She was a little more hesitant out in the neighborhood than she had been in the confines of the parking lot or her school, but she was intrigued by all the different people we met. As we walked away from each house, she kept looking back, seeming to think, "well those people were nice--why are we leaving so soon?!"

I hope you had a happy Halloween week too!
I think I speak for most everyone when I say, "holy crap, it's November already?!"

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Sonya said...

Great picture of you two! I love your dress!


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