Monday, November 08, 2010

Nala and Popi's Visit

My parents came to town this weekend to kick back and see their only grandchild. Kate has the names "Nala" and "Popi" down pat, and had so much fun with them.

Popi gave Kate rides around the kitchen,
 ...and we celebrated Nala's birthday.
Saturday, we headed to downtown Clarksville to go to the museum, but came to a standstill due to a Veteran's Day parade. Rather than idling the car for fifteen minutes, we got out and watched the tail end of the procession. Living in a military town has a unique flavor.
 ... Like I said, a unique flavor. Oy vey.
We eventually got to the museum, which includes several art and history exhibits, but the main attraction is the extensive kids area. There were model and toy trains...
 ... a play grocery store (that was nothing compared to the one at the kids museum in NC we went to in June--but Kate still had fun)
 Kate shared a pretend lunch with a little boy who was just five days older than her--born on her due date!
 They also had some fun puppets and a bunch of other toys.

Kate got super-cranky as we were leaving (not enough of a morning nap!) and insisted on carrying some balloons she got out with her. Climbing the stairs while holding both "boons" was quite a feat!
It's always a fun time when Nala and Popi come to town. Thanks for coming to visit!

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