Monday, November 15, 2010

Family Walks

I love going on walks with Kate, especially now that she's old enough to prefer walking on her own to riding in a stroller. There are few things sweeter than a small child holding your hand!
On Saturday, we checked out the Clarksville Greenway--a rails-to-trails walking path out in the woods behind Austin Peay State University. It was a gorgeous fall day, and the weathercaster said the cold front would hit Clarksville around noon, so we got out there as early as we could!

I promised Kate we would see "puppies" there (just an educated guess) and we saw a total of ten, several before we even set out on our walk. Right there in the parking lot was this little teeny-tiny thing, but though Kate gets excited about puppies and this one was a completely non-threatening size, she was still skittish about coming too close!

Isn't he precious?!?

Kate held our hands for the first quarter-mile or so, and then wanted to run around on her own.
She loved checking out the scenery.

That evening, after the cold front had brought the rain, we introduced Kate to the joy of puddle-jumping in her new rain boots and raincoat. (I promise, it wasn't actually cold, steadily raining, or even as dark out as it looks in these pictures!)
Kate didn't want to stay outside too long, but when we got inside, she still wanted to wear her boots around until bathtime. The trouble was, they are a little big, and they kept falling off! On the upside, she learned how to step into them and put them back on herself!

It's supposed to rain again tonight and tomorrow, so maybe we'll get to take another family walk in the rain soon! I think Daddy needs some cute galoshes too--don't you? Kate and I have polka dots and plaid covered, so maybe striped or argyle?

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Katie Bug said...

I am loving this hand-holding season, too. I especially like it when Katelyn randomly grabs my hand at home and pulls me a long to show me something she has just discovered.
And that puppy is adorable!


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