Thursday, November 04, 2010

Family Pics

Last Saturday, our friend Maria did a family photo shoot for us in a Nashville park. My goal: get a Christmas-card-worthy family shot, and then however many cute ones of just Kate.

Kate was not so into sitting on our laps and smiling for the camera--or smiling period--but we managed to get some good shots by distracting her with a froggy finger puppet, general frolicking, and the dozens of dogs that flock (with their owners) to parks on Saturdays with nice weather. "Kaaaaate! Can you smile? Look, a puppy! Where's the puppy?!"

She loved walking holding both of our hands, and I love this shot of her swinging between our arms. Such toddler-y exuberance!!
This is Kate's "I don't know!" face and hand gesture. We kept asking her questions just to get her to say it.
I don't know what she was doing here. Showing us her ears, maybe?

Naturally, I agonized over my choice of Christmas card designs on Snapfish, but it was fun to focus on the hot pink cards (to coordinate with our outfits) rather than the traditional red and green. I won't show you what I ended up going with, but I will show you my #2 choice--which I actually like more, aesthetically, but wanted to use more than one photo on the card.

So, merry early Christmas!

Do you do photo cards for Christmas?
Have you taken or chosen your pic(s) yet?

1 comment:

Maegan Roper said...

These are so precious, Jessica! Smiling or not, she's just so darn cute. And I love the hot pink Christmas card design. Very fun!


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