Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Project Life (mid-October)

So I haven't done Project Life in about a month. I got burned out on it, and just needed a break. I wasn't sure I'd come back to it, but as Matt said, "I can't believe you're giving it up when it's your favorite time of year!"

True that. So, I'll give it a go again. Here are a few "ordinary extraordinary" moments from my favorite month of the year...

We've been enjoying taking walks together (on foot--no stroller!) and looking at doggies and leaves and the rising moon and all sorts of fun stuff. There are few things sweeter than a child looking up at you while taking your hand.
I think the autumn leaves are more vibrant this year than in recent years. This picture doesn't do it justice. I'm seeing such bright reds and oranges where it feels like most trees just went yellow or brown in past years. What do you think--is it just in my head?
Even when we don't walk beyond our own driveway, Kate loves to check out the puppy across the street. She loves dogs, but still gets a little anxious (since their faces are typically level with her own) so she's content to watch from a distance, then waves at the dog as we walk back up the driveway.
As I've mentioned a couple times lately, Kate loves to clean. She mops, she washes dishes, she "vacuums." She's also discovered the dustpan and broom. I put down some dry noodles for her to sweep up, and she had fun with that. Her teachers told us today that she is one of the only kids in the class who helps clean up--wiping the table, putting toys back where they go, etc. They love her!

I don't know if this is some wierd OCD thing too, but when Kate plays with play-doh, she likes to tear off little bits and lay them out in a row. Strange, huh?
In lieu of carving our pumpkin (and thus having it rot well before Thanksgiving) I decided to give it a little paint job. Hooray for polka dots! And a monogrammed gourd. And a Daddy Long Legs on the pumpkin, which I didn't notice until uploading the photos.

Ah, the joys of fall!
What are your favorite little moments right now?


SpeasHill said...

I agree re: the leaves. Beersheba was RIDICULOUSLY gorgeous this weekend!

Kristen P said...

my friend who also blogs from Tennessee just did a post about the fall leaves too with some nice photos

I am pretty envious of those fall colors that we don't seem to get here in LA!

Kristen said...

It's funny that you mention it, because I have been disappointed by the leaves this year. Maybe I am just looking at the wrong trees! :)


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