Monday, October 18, 2010

Kate's Mop

Despite being raised by the Queen of Clean, housekeeping is not exactly a high priority for me. After getting by with a Swiffer duster and wet-jet for most of my adult life so far, I decided I needed a mop. A real, self-wringing sponge mop that one uses with a bucket of water. I actually started singing in the aisle at Wal-Mart, "won't my mommy be so proud of me?"

I'm sure my mom is thrilled for my graduation into more grown-up cleaning supplies, but possibly not so thrilled as my little girl, who instantly fell in love with The Mop.
While we were still in Wal-Mart, Kate got squirmy in the seat of the cart, and I let her stand up in the basket. Before I knew it, she was scooting the other items in the cart to one side so that she could "mop" the floor of the cart. For the rest of our shopping excursion, she mopped that cart while strangers commented how I had her "trained."

Now, she loves to mop the kitchen floor. If I so much as bring the mop in from the garage with the intent to mop, she's all over it before I even have the bucket ready! I felt pretty bad last night, sitting down with a glass of wine while my toddler mopped the floor for me! Once I introduced her to the wonder of a dustpan and hand-broom, though, she enjoyed that as well and let me take over the detail-mopping. My sweet little helper.

I know you're proud, Mom, but I'm sure the thrill will be gone once she learns it's not a game, but a chore.
Nobody tell her--please!


SpeasHill said...

Send her our way!

Katie Bug said...

Katelyn loves to help clean, too! Maybe we can figure out a way for this love to transfer into their teen years.

Tracy Wells Miller said...

Haha -- so funny. Our friends' son Bill (who is two) is also fascinated with cleaning.

In an unrelated cuteness note, he's also taken to saying someone is "all gone" if they just don't happen to be present at the moment. Now every time Bill sees me around school, the first thing he says to me is, "Thomasjohn (or, rather, "T-John") all gone????" Well, hello to you too, Bill! Haha. (He's all about the "boys" right now.)


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