Tuesday, October 12, 2010

In a Child's Mind

When I was a kid, I recall asking my dad, "Dad, back in the time of Jesus, were our ancestors Jews or Gentiles?"
He replied, "At the time of Jesus, our ancestors were pagan barbarians in Britain."

I don't know why I didn't realize that the various peoples of the world had dispersed from the Fertile Crescent long before the time of Jesus, but kids think some crazy things sometimes.

Matt remembers how, during the first Gulf War, he kept thinking people were saying "golf," rather than "gulf," and wondered, "Why are people so upset about the golf? My dad loves golf."

Around that same time, I kept hearing news reports out of Tel Aviv, and thought that must be Iraq's main television station.

I can't wait until Kate says "the darndest things," reflecting the creative and insightful ways a child's mind works.

What funny things did you think or say as a child? Or, what funny things have your kids said?

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Katie Bug said...

All of your kid statements cracked me up!
I remember having a discussion with my mom about languages and telling/asking her, "English is the real language, right?". I assumed that English was the language all other languages descended from. Pretty egocentric, huh?
Shortly after the Challenger exploded, my parents were talking about how quickly our church was growing. I overheard them telling each other that the "church was really taking off" and I burst into tears. It took them a while to realize that I was afraid that our church was going to blow up.
Right now, Katelyn's most obvious mental mixup has been her tendency to thank God "fo(u)r, five, six".


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