Friday, October 01, 2010

Halloween's A-Comin'

Kate is going to be a kitty-cat for Halloween. I wanted her to be able to say what she was, and since her vocabulary is fairly limited (and I wouldn't want to dress her up as a diaper, a shoe, an apple, or many of the other things she can actually pronounce) my choices were pretty much limited to a cat ("mow-mow"), a puppy, Elmo, or Abby.

I did consider the Abby thing, since Kate's a big fan of everyone's favorite fairy-in-training, but since Abby is recognizable more by her pink fur and purple hair than her aqua dress, I thought it might be tough to pull off with my little tan-skinned, brown-haired girl. That and I didn't find an aqua fairy costume for 50% off at a consignment sale.

I did, however, find this cute kitty costume. White with pink trim, a pink collar, and black whiskers. And I love the little goldfish license on the collar.
 Kate seemed to like it when we tried it on, though her mind was a little blown by the image of herself as a mow-mow. (Really, if you only learned that you are a discrete being separate from your parents in the last year, it would be quite a mental leap to see yourself looking sorta-kinda like the furry creature that wanders around your house stealing your hair clippies.)
What are your little ones going to be for Halloween?


Matt Kelley said...

I thought it was pretty obvious that kate was a distinct being from us. It's not discrete at all ;)

SpeasHill said...

Becca's going to be a St. Bernard. We tried her costume on last night, and I almost was so cute. Any chance you are going to bring Kate to the CUMC trunk-or-treat? Imagine how cute the kitty and the puppy would be chasing each other. :) Also exciting? The fact that I got the costume at Target after last Halloween - for 90% off. I think it was $2! Of course, it's a minor miracle (and thanks to all the new medical interventions of the summer) that I gauged her size correctly! :)

Katie Bug said...

Ah, come on...Kate would have made a great diaper!
Katelyn is going to be a milk carton for Halloween. I'm not 100% sure how we're going to pull it off yet, but I know that Jer's creativity will pull through.


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