Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dream Job #12: Wedding Photographer

I didn't mention this one yesterday, but another of my "dream jobs" is to be a wedding photographer. I love weddings, noticing and capturing the special little details that the bride planned so carefully. I'm only now learning how to use a "fancy" camera, and I don't want to give up all my Saturdays, but in a hypothetical sense, it sounds like a fun job!

Matt performed a wedding last weekend for someone he went to high school with, and--even though I didn't know the happy couple and it won't be going in my scrapbook or anything--I still enjoyed taking my own snapshots of their lovely fall wedding.

Orange and green with some rustic details... it was a beautiful event.


(Kate couldn't let Daddy do all the talking in the service, so she and I had to retreat way back from the gathering. It gave me a beautiful--if distant--vantage point, though.)

I won't quit my day job, but maybe if a friend's photographer got a last-minute stomach bug or something?
(Just kidding!) Congrats to the happy couple!


SpeasHill said...

Gorgeous wedding and gorgeous pictures!

Kristen P said...

great job... I love the photos of those cute lanterns as well as their wedding mug. The cake reminds me of my brother's wedding cake. Fall weddings are so pretty.

Katie Bug said...

Katelyn has been to three wedding now...and I have not been able to sit through more than 5 minutes of any of them. The distant vantage point has become my regular wedding view!
My best friend from high school is getting married in DC this summer, and I am not sure what we are going to do with Bug. We really want her to go to DC, but I am not going all that way to miss out on her wedding!


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