Friday, October 29, 2010

Comfort Times Six

Kate has six lovey items she sleeps with at night and when napping at home:
  1. Raffi (Raffi I, to be exact. Raffi II is at school and Raffi III is at Granna and Opa's house)
  2. Big Raffi (large, pink, embroidered version of little Raffi)
  3. Giri (another stuffed giraffe)
  4. Puppy (a little bulldog)
  5. Paci (she broke the habit pretty easily during awake-time and for school naps--we'll start weaning her off for home naps and bedtime too pretty soon!)
  6. a cup of water
After making sure she has all these items, she lays down with her bottom up in the air, and we cover her up with Big Raffi. She always falls asleep easily, and stays asleep until about 5:18am (literally--it is often that exact!) when she just needs us to pick her paci up off the ground where it has fallen out of the crib, and cover her back up with Big Raffi. Then she goes back to sleep for another hour or so until I get out of bed.

I had various stuffed animals I slept with all through elementary school, so we'll see if Kate keeps up the habit and which ones stick. I also went through phases of sleeping in a sleeping bag on the floor next to my bed, though those phases may have been more about not wanting to make my bed in the morning.

I remember reading an article a while back about how kids find comfort in taking certain items to bed, not just for security and comfort, but out of their growing sense of ownership of things and wanting to be sure they would still have those things the next day. In addition to stuffed animals and blankies, the writer's child slept with a soccer ball and a calendar! That cracked me up.

What do/did your kids (or you!) sleep with at night?

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