Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Caring and Cuteness

First, the caring...
My husband turns 30 in exactly 30 days. Being the selfless, compassionate person that he is, he wants to celebrate this milestone in his own life by helping others. So, he issued the 30-till-30 Challenge, asking people to contribute to HEAL Africa, an organization working to "address the root causes of illness and poverty for the people of eastern Democratic Republic of Congo." (quoted from their About page)

Matt wants to raise $3000 for HEAL Africa to provide basic training and equipment for women to start their own businesses, become financially independent, and help her and her children escape the evil cycle of poverty.

Please help my hubby's birthday wish come true--and make a huge difference for several Congolese families--by making your donation HERE (through One Day's Wages' "Birthday for a Cause" program.)

Now for the cuteness...

There haven't been enough cute Kate pics here lately, so here's one to bring a smile to your face and say "thank you!" in advance for honoring her daddy and the God he serves by caring for the least of these.
This is Kate saying "Put down the camera and go get my sidewalk chalk, please. I want to color RIGHT HERE."
(One of Kate's "things" right now is pointing to the ground where she wants me to put something, sit, or do something. "Put it right here, Mommy!")

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SpeasHill said...

John's first words were, "Put it right there!"


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