Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Working Mom Wednesday: Time for Me (and Us)

Working Mom WednesdayOne of the suggestions I’ve heard for topics to cover on Working Mom Wednesday is “how do you find time to blog?” (BTW, I’m definitely open to other suggestions—it’s harder to maintain a series than I expected!)
For a while, I was doing well at writing three or so posts on the weekends, and scheduling them for the weekdays, plus writing a couple more during the week, as time and inspiration allowed. Then, somehow, I got off that routine, and it became a night-by-night thing: write at night, schedule it to post the next morning.

I’ve got to say that that schedule is not working for me (as I indicated rather indelicately in yesterday's Project Life post). I am NOT a night owl, so I really only have a 2-3 hour window of personal time between Kate’s bedtime and my own, and lately, blogging is taking up too much of that window. It leaves me feeling burned out (my soul, and my retinas from starting at a screen all day long), and I just want to scream, “the blog was made for woman, not woman for the blog!!”
So, I really do want to get back to that primarily-weekend writing schedule, and reclaim some of that 2-3 hour window for other activities I enjoy:
  • Scrapbooking
  • Reading (which I always do in bed before turning out the light, even if I’m up late)
  • Playing board games or snuggling up for a movie with Matt (if he gets off the computer too)
  • Talking with Matt (who knew that connecting with your best friend would require such intentionality?!)
  • Getting stuff done (maybe I don’t “enjoy” the washing and mending and cleaning up, per se, but I do enjoy the thrill of marking things off a to-do list!)

So, if my posts seem, well, lazier in the coming days or weeks, this “reclaiming” may be why! But I do enjoy blogging too, and I’ll soon find a new balance.
Do you have trouble claiming time for yourself and your spouse? What things tend to threaten that time?


Kim and Josh said...

This summer I had to do a "TV fast" and I don't know why I ever went back. I notice that I watch TV and miss whatever it is that Jake is doing and I don't want to look back on this time and miss his milestones because of an episode of "Say Yes to the Dress." If Josh was watching TV, I would be in the room, but I would try to always be doing something else, such as blogging or cleaning, at the same time. Eventually Josh would start turning off the TV more, too, and we actually hung out more or went to bed earlier because of it. And I didn't even miss it! Granted, I still may have to keep Glee in my schedule, but that's only an hour a week! :)

Kristen P said...

By the time my boyfriend gets home from work, it's already so late and then we eat dinner and (usually) get sucked into the boob tube...
but lately we have been taking nightly walks around our neighborhood - usually for 30-45 minutes - which is nice because it gets our blood pumping and we just TALK. There's no TV or computer to distract us. It's nice. I guess you can't really abandon Kate at home while she's sleeping, but maybe just step outside on your porch (do you have a porch?), drink some tea, and chat about the sort of things you might have before Kate came along! Also during that top, put your blog out of your head!

SpeasHill said...

T.V. sucks the life out of me and my marriage...but we both love it. John likes to get things done in the evenings, but I'm pretty protective of my couple of hours to put my feet up, since I spend most of the day on my feet, running around.

I'd love to hear about the work/life balance and how that plays out with little kid germs. Now that we are moving into cold and flu season (Becca has her first cold of the fall), and with the prospect of going back to work before me, I don't know how I would manage to hold down a job when my kid is getting sick all the time. (Or has therapies, appointments, etc...but I know that's our situation...but surely Kate has had to miss school, too!)


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