Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Project Life (September Funk)

I admit it--I'm in a computer/blogger/project life funk.
I'm tired of looking at a screen for a vast majority of my waking hours.
I'm tired of getting online to blog right after Kate goes to bed,
and then going to bed myself as soon as I'm done.
I'm tired of agonizing over photos for Project Life.

There, I said it. If PL is a marathon, I'm hitting a wall at mile 19.
I'm not saying I'm quitting
(after all, the most fun times of the year are just around the corner!)
but tonight, I just. can't. do. it.

But if I could, I'd tell you...

how much I LOVE this pic of Kate sitting on the bathroom sink. She asks to get up there every morning while I'm getting ready, and it sure beats her digging around in my makeup drawer!

I'd tell you how Kate loves to help me vacuum. She moves rugs and gets out her popper to do a little sweeping of her own.

I'd tell you how she begs me to pull out the stepstool in the kitchen (why oh why did I do that once?) and loves to stand at the sink, "helping" me wash dishes or just splashing in the water.

I'd tell you how she refuses to sit in her eat seat for meals anymore. (Are you sensing a trend? I'm starting to refer to her as "The Little Tyrant.")

And maybe I'd tell you about the little festival we went to at the Catholic school where Bethlehem UMC is currently worshiping. The bouncy was full of big kids, so Kate spent most of her time on the playground. She climbed the chain ladder all by herself. And I love the pic of Kate and Daddy going down the double slide, each clutching their cup. (Daddy's had beer in it--man we love those Catholics!)

You're probably rolling your eyes at me, but seriously--the days and dates are the most cumbersome part for me!
Maybe next week, I'll be less funkified.

P.S. Today is your last chance to enter my 500th Post Giveaway. I'll be drawing the winner tonight!

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Sonya said...

I think your pictures would be great to put in your album for the week! I have been using several pictures from one event lately and skipping days in the week if I had nothing! I would usually write something about the day, but I skipped a picture if I just had nothing!


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