Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Project Life (Sept. 6-12)

Welcome to this week's edition of Project Life--a daily snapshot into the life of the Parsonage Family. For a bunch of other people's Project Life posts, click over to The Mom Creative!

Before we start this week, I want to mention that tomorrow will be my 500th post here at The Parsonage Family, and to celebrate, I'll be giving YOU a gift (or the chance to win one at least). So come back tomorrow and enter to win a prize package including a smattering of things that (if you like my blog) you may like--Christian books, Thistle Farms body care products, and scrapbook supplies. There's a sneak peak into the package at the bottom of this post, so let's get rolling...

Monday 9/6: Labor Day! We went to a big family carnival at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, where we were visiting my parents. Kate had her first bouncy castle experience, and we all enjoyed watching her!
Tuesday 9/7: I took some extra time off around Labor Day, so we wouldn't have to rush home too quickly, but my parents were still sad to see us go. Dad snapped this pic of Kate with his phone before we got in the car.
Wednesday 9/8: Another loss in the War on Crap. As Mom is still cleaning out Nana and Grandpa's house, I was sent home with a few bags of stuff. (Useful stuff, but stuff nonetheless.) Unfortunately, I didn't get to keep the coolest artifacts we've found in my late grandparents' home.
Thursday 9/9: Kate played alone in her room while I showered, and when I returned, I found a big "puzzle soup" of ALL the pieces to ALL her puzzles jumbled up on the floor.
Friday 9/10: I keep a box in the top of my closet to collect gifts as I buy them throughout the year. They're not actually all for Kate, but she is definitely the most fun person on my gift list.
Saturday 9/11: We went to the zoo with two other families--people Matt went to high school with, actually. Matt said how they never would have imagined fifteen years ago that one day they would take their toddlers to the zoo together, but here are those toddlers, peering in at the meerkats!
Sunday 9/12: Kate's newest thing (other than climbing out of the crib, of course) is carrying around her "puppy." Someone gave us this little stuffed bulldog before Kate was even born, and it has just sat on a shelf for a year and a half. Then, last week, Kate started calling a lamb in a book "puppy," so we got out this dog to show her, "No, this is a puppy," and now they're inseparable! Puppy is now the token non-giraffe in the crib at night, and even he sits at the kitchen table, watching Kate eat.

Finally, as promised, here's a sneak peak at tomorrow's giveaway!
You may know Kristen Welch, writer of the popular We Are THAT Family blog (and contributor to (in)courage and 5 Minutes for Mom). Kristen has a fantastic mother's devotional book coming out next spring, and as her editor, I'm proud to include in my giveaway a special sneak-peak sampler from her book--autographed by the soon-to-be bestselling author!

Have a great week, and I hope to see you back here tomorrow!


Sarah K said...

I love the photo of Kate with her lovey. It's it sweet how they get so attached? Great photos!

Amy said...

"Another loss in the War on Crap" made me laugh!! I know that feeling.

Matthew's lovey is also a puppy, named Puppy.

I will tweet about your book giveaway - yeah!!

Susan said...

Great shots!!

Love the one of your daugther and her puppy♥


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