Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Project Life (Aug. 30--Sept. 5)

This was a crazy week for me. On Monday, I started a new position within my company. Tuesday, I had Kate's stomach bug from last Sunday. Still went to work for most of the day, but felt cruddy. Wednesday and Thursday feeling better, and then Friday I took the day off to start a long Labor Day weekend. But of course, there were more details than that...

Monday 8/30: My new position officially started, but they're still working on getting the offices for our new unit ready. I'm not too disappointed, given how much I'll miss the view from my current office! I have a great view of the "Batman building," the Bridgestone Arena, and the Country Music Hall of Fame. I've also watched construction begin on Nashville's new convention center, right across the street.
Tuesday 8/31: My friend Maria sent me these gorgeous flowers as a "thank you" for photographing her triathlon last week. I had so much fun doing it, no such gesture was needed, but I love them nonetheless!
Wednesday 9/1: Elmo and Abby on YouTube is a new favorite. Since I'm still not totally sold on the TV for toddlers thing, it's nice Kate can get her Abby-fix in two-minute segments, rather than watching a whole hour-long episode.
Thursday 9/2: I was instructed to pick up a stash of Peter Pan Reduced Fat Crunchy peanut butter for my dad before coming to Louisville. Apparently most stores don't carry the crunchy version, but my parents discovered that the Food Lion in Clarksville, Tennessee, does. So, even though I'm generally a Kroger girl, I made a special trip for my dad's PB.
Friday 9/3: After breakfast at IHOP with Daddy, Kate and I drove up to Louisville to see Nala and Popi. We went to the park to play and swing. Kate is learning to say her grandparents' "names" now, so Kate and "Naya" were swinging in perfect harmony.
Saturday 9/4: We happened to be here for the big UK-UofL game, a non-conference rivalry that is a big deal in this neck of the woods. Though we are proud Louisvillians, our loyalty is to UK, my parents' alma mater. Dad got Kate a T-shirt for the occasion, and UK won pretty easily. Go Big Blue! C-A-T-S! Cats! Cats! Cats!
Sunday 9/5: While Nala saved many of my old toys for Kate, she'd still rather run off and climb the stairs. This is a hard house to watch a toddler in! We went to church at Middletown and shopped a little before Mom and Dad started getting the bug and Matt arrived, having driven up after church.

More fun in Louisville Monday and Tuesday. Hope you had a great Labor Day weekend too!


Susan said...

Looks like a busy, but great week.

Hmmmm, that peanut butter looks really good.


Julie said...

I was just checking some of the Project Life ideas out! Good job!


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