Friday, September 10, 2010

Labor Day Fun

Whew! Friday already? A work-week goes pretty fast when Monday is a holiday, you take Tuesday off, get caught up on Wednesday, and then Thursday feels like only the second day of the week! Labor Day is still fresh on the brain, when we had lots of fun at Familypalooza, a festival hosted by Southeast Christian in Louisville.

They had inflatable slides, carnival games and such for the older kids, and on the preschool side (where we hung out, of course) they had simple games...
... a tricycle course ...
... a big sandbox ...
... and this awesomely tacky "Bubble Truck."
Kate had her first two major public meltdowns while we were in Lousville--first at the mall on Sunday and then at the festival on Monday. Both involved her intense desire to push her own stroller around and her absolute refusal to go where we wanted her to go.
Popi held our place in the (long) line for the train while Kate independently pushed her stroller all over the parking lot. When it was finally our turn and we had to join Popi in the line to board the train...
... let's just say she was not a happy camper.

Since Kate survived her traumatic train ride, we decided to have lunch and then visit the petting zoo. Kate liked the goats, ducks, and ponies. There was also a funny rodent that looked like a cross between a kangaroo and a groundhog (it was apparently in the guinea pig family, and the world's fourth largest rodent).
She also enjoyed her first bouncy castle experience!
... and then got her face painted. It was the whole nine yards of a classic carnival experience!
We capped off the afternoon with a playground play date with Jack--son of my best childhood friend Lindsay. Jack is 3 1/2, but Kate held her own with him, climbing and sliding, and even playing hide-and-seek. (Well, toddling off while Jack counted, at least.)
They're a cute little pair. I love weekends in my hometown!

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Katie Bug said...

The picture of Kate's escape attempt had me laughing out loud!


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