Sunday, September 12, 2010


Last week at my parents' house in Louisville, Kate managed to climb out of her crib--my crib from when I was a baby--right in front of my eyes. I was standing right there at 5 am, telling her, "Kate, it's not time to get up yet," and she just swung her leg up and over. I caught her on the other side, but worried the rest of the trip that she would try again and get her foot caught in the rails.

Since her mattress at home is a little lower, and the rungs are smooth, we thought (hoped) that maybe she wouldn't be able to repeat the feat for another couple weeks or months, but it only took three nights back in her own bed before she accomplished her great escape.

She was cranky from dinnertime on, so we got her ready for bed early and played a little more. Finally, when her fuss-fest continued, I decided to just put her to bed. I headed to the den and a moment later Matt--and Kate--walked in after me.

"Did you get her out of bed?" I asked Matt.
"Did you put her in bed?" he asked in return.
We just looked at each other, realizing what had happened.

We put her back in bed, only to have her climb out again, right in front of us.  Naturally, I got my camera to capture it when it happened yet again. :0)

Oh, and by the way... my 500th post is coming up on Wednesday, and I'm hosting my first giveaway to celebrate! Hope you'll come back and enter to win some cool books and body products!


alison bynum said...

isn't that one of the most strange feelings? the first time you put them in bed and then they just show up in your living room?

looks like an early transition to toddler bed for you too. norah climbed out at 18 months. scared me to death.

SpeasHill said...

Well, she is really good at it...maybe you should let her develop her strengths. ;)

Kristen said...

WOW! I am impressed. I mean, the

Katie Bug said...

Oh, my! Kate is one good climber. Will you be moving to a toddler bed now?


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