Monday, August 02, 2010

When Christians Get it Wrong

Did you hear about the whole flak over vampire-novelist Anne Rice renouncing her Christianity last week? (I only did because I follow Matthew Paul Turner, but apparently, it was a whole big thing.) Her point was that while she loves and worships Jesus Christ, she no longer wants to be associated with the term "Christian," due to the things some Christians do and say.

The funny thing is, every Christian has a whole group of other Christians that he or she denounces as "not really Christian," or "not following Jesus," or some other way of saying "they don't believe what I believe." I always try to remember that Christianity is a big tent and we're all trying to follow Jesus as best we can--we just have very, very different ways of doing that. Of course, that doesn't stop me from judging others, even if I'm just judging other people for judging other people. (Can anyone relate to that?)

Adam Hamilton (pastor of Church of the Resurrection in Kansas, the biggest United Methodist church in the U.S.) has a new book called When Christians Get it Wrong. It is an excellent look at how the church can respond to unchurched or dechurched Gen-Yers' list of what they think Christians are getting wrong. Whether or not you agree with the list of grievances Adam or the young people he's talking about identify as to what Christians are getting wrong (we all have a different list, and I think he understands that) this book would be very helpful to any church leader struggling with how to address the barriers between certain people and the Christian community.

Check out this video. What do you think churches can do to better connect with those who've been burned or put off by Christianity?


Amy said...

I tweeted a link to this post. (Anne Rice - FAIL! Unbelievable.)

Casondra said...

Sounds like an interesting read. Do you know, is there a Kindle edition?

Jessica Miller Kelley said...

There is--it should be available very soon!


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