Monday, August 16, 2010

Sidewalk Chalk

We got out Kate's new sidewalk chalk on Saturday, and while (like with crayons) Kate actually does very little of the coloring, she enjoys the general activity of playing with the drawing-implements while Mommy and Daddy have fun coloring.
Some of these photos have a soap-opera style fuzziness to them because the lens fogged over the moment I stepped out into the crazy heat and humidity!
Seriously--it looks like I applied some sort of photoshop "glow" to this pic!
We had fun, though, with this summertime childhood staple. I love how vibrant the colors are! Not the light, dusty chalk I recall! (They were Crayola sidewalk crayons, so they were kind of creamy and fancy--but washable!)
Good thing they were washable, because Kate had more fun just gathering up and trying to hold seven chalk colors at a time than actually coloring.
She got messy enough that even she said "uh oh!"
Don't worry, Mom, it came out in the wash with those new Oxy capsule things!
 What's your favorite summer fun activity?

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