Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Project Life (July 26 - Aug. 1)

Sometimes, my life feels really boring. Weeks when there are no parties or trips or special visits from family or friends. During weeks like that, Project Life feels like a chore. But those are the times when I have to take care to notice the mundane things that aren't really that important, but that I may one day forget. Jamie of Blonde Mom Blog wrote a good post the other day about the little things she's already starting to forget as her little girls grow up. I may be at risk of overcompensating...

Monday 7/26: I subscribe to both Parents and Parenting magazines. There is overlap in the popular issues and questions they cover, but I enjoy both. I've been interested in subscribing to Working Mother magazine, but sometimes I fall behind even with these, on top of books and blogs and all that!
Tuesday 7/27: Kate loves school so much, sometimes she will grab her backpack and stand at the door even on Daddy-Daughter Days and weekends. The other day, I helped her put it on, and she walked around for a long time with it on her back--she looked so grown up, and was so proud!
Wednesday 7/28: Kate turned 18 months old. (Big post with all the milestones here!) We went to Chik-Fil-A and played on the play place. She loved going down the big yellow tube slide all by herself!
Thursday 7/29: As I've mentioned a couple times recently, Kate has finally started to enjoy sitting still to read books. The annoying part of that (as I'm sure many parents can relate) is that she wants us to read the same four books over and over and over again!! I tried putting her favorites in the bottom of the book basket, just to see if she would dig for them (or if maybe she just always chose them because they were on top). As you might guess, she had no trouble finding her favorites, and soon they were on top again!
Friday 7/30: Poor Charlotte has been a neglected child this last year and a half. She's a really good sport, though, hanging around and (sometimes) even letting Kate pet her "Big Sister Mow-Mow."
Saturday 7/31: Kate and I ran some errands, going to vote and to the grocery, and then played in the backyard. I am still loving my new camera, especially outdoors. I just love this pic and how well it shows all her sweet features--her curly pigtail, beautiful eyes and nose, and that precious "rose petal" upper lip.
Sunday 8/1: Kate wore a new dress to church today--a total impulse buy at Target, but I love it! Once again to rave about the camera--it captures quick moments the old P&S would have missed, like Kate responding to "what's a tiger say?" "RAWR!!" (with hand motions)

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Amy said...

The 7/31 pic is beautiful! I think we have the same camera and I LOVE mine too!

My kids were/are big fans of Barnyard Dance. Do you have the Boynton CD and book? It's called Philadelphia Chickens and it's a bunch of her books put to music and sung by celebs (Kevin Bacon, Meryl Streep, etc.) The songs are so much fun even parents like them! Shark Boy will still break out into a rendition of COWS! (sung to the tune of A Chorus Line- heh).

A must have - it really is. Kate would love it.

Sonya said...

Great pictures! I have trouble coming up with pictures some weeks too! I'm going to have to start looking at more details!

dawn said...

The photos are great this week. How nice to have a camera that works and does what you want it too. Kate looks so cute with her pigtails and love her new dress. Our cat always feels left out too now that he's older the kids don't pay attention to him anymore. It is hard to come up with picture ideas but sometimes I just get ideas from reading all these blogs and whatever Becky Higgins might show as hers. Have a good week.

Amy Nabors said...

It's those ordinary moments I wish I could remember more of when my son was little. He's only 10, but you do quickly forget those everyday moments.

Claire said...

That tiger pose is adorable!


Susan said...

Yes, we have those weeks over here too.

Loved your pics and especially the last one.

She's a doll!!

Have a great week~

Tracy Wells Miller said...

Hey - I think I finally see a little of "you" in kate in that "rawr" picture! Something about her eyes and smile there.. I can see you in her in that picture.


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