Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Project Life (Aug. 9-15)

I was bad about taking pictures this week. Just read; you'll see. It was a pretty ordinary week, but for whatever reason, it just flew by!

Monday 8/9: The new issue of Circuit Rider arrived from the printer (themed around Rethink Church). It was the first issue for which I wrote the editorial intro, so that was kind of cool :0)
Tuesday 8/10: This was one of only two pics I took on Tuesday, just of Kate playing. I love that sweet little face.
Wednesday 8/11: I went to the open house for Thistle Farms' new facility. I never saw the old one, but apparently this is about a million times nicer! I didn't take a camera--this pic was taken by my friend Carolyn.
Thursday 8/12: I met my friend Maria for coffee. We get a kick out of our distinct "uniforms." She's always in her biking gear, including her cycling cleats, and I'm always dressed up for work, complete with pearls and pumps! Maria snagged this pic with her iPhone.
Friday 8/13: Friday the thirteenth! Maybe I thought it would be bad luck to take a photo? Nah, I just forgot. At the end of the week, my brain takes a siesta.

Saturday 8/14: We went to the Clarksville farmers' markets in the morning, and bought a bunch of fresh veggies, fruits, and even meat (frozen) for the week. I wish we'd discovered the downtown one when we moved here three years ago--it actually kind of felt like "us"!
Sunday 8/15: Kate got a balloon today at church. She enjoyed playing with it, but the only chance I got to take a picture of her with it was when she was strapped into her seat and kind of cranky--not the best!

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Katie Bug said...

I love the cleat and pump pic.
After two weeks of working full time, I am amazed that you have time to write such thoughtful blog posts. I was really hoping that I'd be able to keep up with Bug's blog, but I am just finding it sooo difficult!
I would love to see a WMW on the topic of blogging!


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