Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Project Life (Aug. 23-29)

Project Life is a photography project challenging you to take a photo a day that captures something special about your life at this time, be it a special event or just an ordinary sweet moment. I heard about from Jessica Turner, and you can see more Project Life participants over at her blog, The Mom Creative.

Monday 8/23: Jessica Turner also does some scrapbook classes at Big Picture Scrapbooking. I participated in a live chat on that site with her Monday night, and then felt inspired to do some scrapping myself. I made this sweet page highlighting Kate and Daddy's special bond.
Tuesday 8/24: Kate has recently gotten very interested in the music box her Uncle Andrew and Aunt Alexis gave her before she was born. She wants us to wind it up several times each evening, and sometimes when we're playing in her room, she will point at it and say "uh oh!" as in "uh oh, it's not playing right now. Fix it, Mommy!"
Wednesday 8/25: We got our first order from Soap.com tonight, a partner site to my beloved Diapers.com. They have just about any toiletry or cleaning item you might want, with similar fast service and free shipping on orders over $49. They are offering 15% of diapers for the rest of the year if you place a Soap.com order of over $25, so I stocked up on shampoo, paper towels, etc. Like the whole Old Navy/Gap family of stores, you can place one order for items from both Diapers.com and Soap.com.
Thursday 8/26: Kate is going through a phase where she doesn't want to sit in her eat-seat at meals. Just a few minutes into the meal, she'll say she's "all done" and want to get out. Then, she'll sit on our laps and pick from our plates or her own. I started to wonder if making her feel like a big girl by removing the tray and letting her eat from the table would help. She thought it was pretty cool this first time, but the jury's still out as to whether it's a real solution!
Friday 8/27: Matt, Kate, and I spent the night at Matt's parents' house in Brentwood since I had to get up early on Saturday morning, and I wouldn't have to get up quite as early if I started the day in Brentwood rather than Clarksville. Matt and Kate enjoyed playing the piano together at Granna and Opa's house.
Saturday 8/28: The reason I was getting up early was to head out to Lebanon, Tenn., to take photos of my friend Maria compete in her first triathlon. Kate and I had a lot of fun watching Maria swim, bike, and run, and taking a bunch of pics (with my camera but on Maria's memory card). I took a few shots on my memory card, so here is a glimpse of the day--Maria getting ready to compete, and Kate enjoying watching all the swimmers get ready to start the event.
Sunday 8/29: Kate threw up her breakfast (a few times) so she and I stayed home from church. We got out an animal puzzle that we'd never tried before, and Kate did pretty well with it. I was wondering, since the puzzle didn't feature common animals like cats and dogs, but a kangaroo, an octopus, and a vulture, among other things. She took a couple really long naps to recooperate (from the stomach bug, not the puzzle!)


Susan said...

Looks like you guys had a great week.

Your daughter is growing up so fast.

Your layout looks really pretty. Can't wait to see it.

Katie Bug said...

Katie Bug is doing the exact same thing at the dinner table! She's still in a high chair, though, so we're plannin on buying a booster seat soon. Hopefully she'll be happy in that until she's a bit taller.
Bug also had that 12 hour bug this week. She threw up four times on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. It certainly was not fun!

Anonymous said...

Oh I love your Friday photo!


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