Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Project Life (Aug. 16-22)

Monday 7/16: Kate made a magic wand at school today. I'm curious if the boys made them too--probably blue and without the ribbons--sceptors, I guess. In any case, it's a nice addition to the toy box!
Tuesday 8/17: Kate likes bagels. I usually give her a piece before I put the cream cheese on it, but she'll beg or steal more of mine once she's done with that!
Wednesday 8/18: School picture day! Kate wore a new hot pink dress and pigtails. Her hair came home styled differently (as it often does) so we'll see how it actually looked in the picture!
Thursday 8/19: Matt took me out on a surprise date after work! He called me toward the end of the day, said "hey, I'm bringing Kate down to my parents and taking you out on a date!" We went to the Mad Platter in Germantown (Nashville). Matt had the duck (which I think is what is pictured in this screen capture from their website) and I had the pork. They are big on presentation, and my entree was quite the work of art!
Friday 8/20: Kate has worn her white Pedipeds OUT! She wore these almost every day this summer, and they have gotten misshapen, stinky, and have holes in the toes. It's hard to part with them, though, since most every little girl's summer outfit goes so well with white sandals!
Saturday 8/21: We went to a gathering for United Methodist students and alumni from Vanderbilt Divinity. We expected to see more folks we knew, but still had fun meeting the current students and catching up on school news. Kate easily became the center of attention, but got sleepy as bedtime neared.
Sunday 8/22: I introduced Kate to Play-Doh today. She tried to eat it at first, but once she learned you could smash it with great force, she loved it! (Funny, it felt different from how I remember Play-Doh--creamier, moussier--I think they've changed the formula a little!)

Can't believe August is almost over, but I can't wait for temps in the 80s or (gasp!) even the 70s. Kate will be 19 months next week! What's big in your life right now?

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Katie Bug said...

Kate's school picture dress is adorable.
We haven't done playdough yet. Maybe we'll give that a try soon.


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