Friday, August 13, 2010

Hug Your Pastor's Wife

Despite the fact that I named my blog "The Parsonage Family," I rarely write about pastor's-wife issues. That's because most of the time, I feel pretty disgruntled about it. I don't hold back if someone asks me about it in person, but on the blog, I don't want to be too negative or upset anyone in our congregation.

Nonetheless, it strikes me that most people have no idea what their pastor and his or her family's life is like. 
They don't know that 75% of pastors report a "significant stress-related crisis" at least once in their ministry.
They don't know that 56% of pastor's wives say they have no close friends.
They don't know that 33% of pastors say being in ministry is "an outright hazard to their families."

I just saw these statistics on Eugene Cho's blog, in a post called "Death by Ministry." He got them from Monday Morning Insight. If you care about your pastor and his family, I highly recommend you read both articles.

And pray for your pastor and his wife. They need it.
They could probably also use a hug.
But understanding would be even better.

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sarah said...

I so understand your post! I am a Dad is a pastor. Still to this day..I'm 32 its hard to explain to anyone what life was like growing up..


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