Friday, August 13, 2010

A Few from the Zoo

We went to the zoo last Saturday when Nala and Popi were in town. Here are a few highlights...
Since Nala was still recovering from her foot surgery, she rode around in a wheelchair, and when Kate got tired of riding in her stroller, she rode with her!
... or pushed the stroller herself!
 Kate and Daddy rode the carousel together. They rode the raffi, of course. Kate was still a little nervous, but she clung tightly to Daddy for comfort.
I crawled with Kate into the meerkat-hole, which she enjoyed once she abandoned the notion of trying to push the stroller through the little passageway.
 The gators were one of our favorite things, the way they just hang there in the water.
 There was also this cool leopard that we were able to get pretty close to. You could walk around to the left there, where there was just about 10-12 feet (and two fences) between you and the cat.
That was pretty cool, until the cat started getting excited and pacing back and forth, eyeing Kate like a tasty little morsel!
So, we got the heck out of there, and spent some time on the zoo's awesome playground. Matt went up in the big treehouse with her, and we lost sight of them until they emerged at the bottom--they had gone down that huge 30-foot tube slide!
I get claustrophobic in long tube slides, but we went down a smaller one together.
It's always a fun day at the zoo!

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