Friday, August 20, 2010

Crispy Life

Holly Furtick, wife of Elevation Church pastor Steven Furtick, wrote about some funny sleep-talking her hubby did the other night, and when I was tempted to leave a comment about my own sleep-talking stories that was almost as long as a blog post itself, I figured I should just write about it on my own blog!

Matt and I have a lot of stories like that. We talk in our sleep fairly regularly, it seems. Our first memory of this was when we were still dating and I fell asleep on his couch while we were watching TV. It went something like this:
Jess: Crispy…crispy life.
Matt: Crispy life? Like Life cereal?
J: No! Crispy life. Like KFC… it’s permanent.

I recall this made perfect sense to me at the time. And as a Kentucky girl, I stand by my statement as to KFC’s life-giving, ever-lasting properties. Reminds me of a sign I saw on a building in Prague: “God made KFC. Everything is perfect.”

One of my favorite “conversations” with a half-asleep Matt went like this:
M: […unintelligible…]
J: What?
M: [… unintelligible…]
J: Sweetie, you’re talking in your sleep, and I can’t understand you.
M: I love you.
J: I love you too.
M: YOU LIE! (said with the same gusto and British accent as the Black Knight. Hilarious.)

Then there’s the time Matt tried to bait me into saying something silly:

J: […unintelligible…]
M: Hmm… tell me more about that.
J: […unintelligible…]
M: That’s really interesting. How did that happen?
J: I know I’m asleep and not making any sense, so stop that.

At around 3:15 this morning, I woke up to hear a sleeping Matt say very loudly and clearly:
“I’m glad everything’s okay. Thanks for letting me know.”

A pastor’s work is never done :0)


Katie Bug said...

This cracks me up! Jer often tries to bate me into nonsense sleep talk, and it usually works.

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