Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Buttons and More

Once I figured out all the HTML stuff to post my Working Mom Wednesday button, and make it "grab-able" in the sidebar, I figured it was time to make one for The Parsonage Family in general. It turned out pretty cute, I think, and I'd be honored if you want to grab it from the sidebar to share.

And, now that I am aboard the blog-button-bandwagon, I want to plug some of my favorite blogs too (the ones that have buttons to grab, at least!) So check out the sidebar for those.

Other happenings:
  • I went to the open house tonight for Thistle Farms' new facility (on Charlotte Ave. near White Bridge, if you're in Nashville) and saw a few of the friends I went on the Find Your Way Home prison tour trip a few weeks ago.
  • I bought some of the Thistle Farms Geranium Spray to keep the bugs away (did you know geranium oil is a natural bug-repellant?) I put some on when I got home, before taking Kate outside to play. Matt found the scent to be a bit strong (probably used more than I needed to) but the only bite I got this evening was through my shirt, not on my arms and legs, which I sprayed!
  • I bought an extra bottle for someone special . . . you! My 500-post blogoversary is coming up soon, and I'm planning a giveaway that will include Thistle Farms stuff, a book or two, maybe some scrapbook stuff or baby gear--who knows! If you like this blog, we must have some similar interests, so I hope you'll like it!
Lastly, the parenting-head-scratcher of the day: how is it that kids can run wild at home but be perfect angels when in other people's care? The case-in-point here is that Kate screams bloody murder when I put her hair in pigtails. I can never give her a straight part because I am literally wrestling her to the ground, holding her in a leglock or running after her on my knees to get the rubber bands in. So imagine my shock when she comes home from school today with not just a straight part--I'd seen that before when they redo her hair midday--but FRENCH BRAIDS! Holy cats. My brain simply cannot comprehend the image of Kate sitting still and quiet long enough for that to have happened. They're just little ones on the top of her head, but still! She wouldn't let me do that in a million years.

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