Wednesday, July 07, 2010


In honor of Kate's first dentist appointment today, it's appropriate that I share our newest trick for getting big smiles out of Kate for pictures.
She's naturally a pretty happy child, but like many kids, she can sometimes go deadpan and just stare at the camera when a picture is being taken. So, now that she is learning the names of some body parts, we just say "Show us your teeth!"
And sometimes, she'll oblige.

Hope she's as obliging for the dentist today!!


Katie Bug said...

I'm impressed that she's going to the dentist today! I can't even imagine taking Bug...maybe in a few more months.

Kristen said...

Cutie pie! I'm impressed by your visit, too. We slacked on Addie (her second visit was yesterday) but will be taking Landon in six months. Although Addie was big enough to listen to the dentist, I may be consulting you for tips for little ones :)

Claudie said...

Kate's pictures are cute! It's like she's learning to put her charm on. She's been to the dentist? With the way she shows her teeth, I'm sure that was a wonderful experience on your part as a Mom.

My niece, Jane, enjoyed her visit to the dentist with my sister yesterday. She obliged to the dentist's request to show her teeth. The dentist, (Aiken SC-based) was so amazed of her. He even said that dentists, Aiken, SC dental service providers like to treat kids who's like Jane. Thanks for sharing the inspiring post, Jessica!


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