Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Project Life (July 13-18)

I included last Monday in last week's Project Life since it was the end of my Houston trip the weekend before. I've been needing to write about the actual prison visit last Monday, but I feel like I need to put a fair amount of mental/emotional energy into writing it, and I'm afraid I haven't had a lot of that in the evenings lately. Hopefully this week. In the meantime, here's all the less mentally-taxing stuff I've been up to this week!

Tuesday 7/13: I scrapbooked our vacation photos using the Project Life divided page protectors. I should have remembered to print more horizontal pics (since all the 4x6 slots are horizontal) but I always enjoy cropping pictures down to their essence or finding a creative way to work them into the space for a little more variation.
Wednesday 7/14: Kate's big thing this week is climbing on the kitchen chairs. She can do it all by herself now, get up, get turned around, and everything, so that she's sitting there like a big girl!
Thursday 7/15: I took Kate to the park after I got home from work, and even though it was 6:30 in the evening and the playground was mostly shady, we were still sweating like crazy. The heat these last few weeks has been insane! She loves to climb all over the big-kid structure (even though there is a little-kid one there too), and she knows no fear. See the upper-right quadrant of the photo below? She actually climbs up those two steps, where each step is almost as tall as she is! Matt and I are very cautious about it, of course, holding our hands around her, ready to catch her if she slips, but she does it successfully, with rarely a slip!
Friday 7/16: Nothing says Friday night like pizza. Delivery or frozen, it just feels so good at the end of the week.
Saturday 7/17: I finally let Kate drive one of those little cars in front of the grocery cart. I worried she would just climb out, but once I realized they had safety belts, I thought she could handle it, and she did great! I wished I'd had a better camera with me (this was just my phone) but that's probably good, since I would have blocked the baking aisle for a while if I had. The only problems were a) it's a little hard to maneuver, b) she was able to "steal" things off the bottom shelves, like this cake mix, and c) she was able to toss something out of the car without me seeing (that I'd let her hold for me), so when we got to the checkout, my ziplock baggies were gone. Oh well--all worth it!
Sunday 7/18: The congregation voted unanimously today to move forward on the new building! It's been one year (almost exactly) since the old building burned down, and while things haven't moved fast enough for some, our architect--who has done several other post-disaster rebuilds--tells us that we've made quite a lot of progress for one year. This new design will almost triple the square footage of the old facility, while keeping the historic charm of the old sanctuary. (Congrats, Matt--what a milestone on this journey!)

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Susan said...

Oh how exciting!! Congrats on the new building...

Have a blessed week♥

Sara said...

Love the blueprint picture. Cute idea.


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