Friday, July 30, 2010


Random tidbits I wanted to share...

1. Matt and I have a new podcast edisode up, continuing our discussion of Brian McLaren's A New Kind of Christianity.  This week is "The Authority Question," talking about what type of authority Scripture has.

2. My friend Michael, for whom I turned my blog into a meatmarket a few weeks ago, is a popular guy. Look what he did to my blog stats! I'm not naming specific numbers (a lady never reveals her true analytics :0) but holy cats, look at that spike!
Naturally, Michael's response to this news was "then why did I only get five responses?" I explained that many married women and/or women not from the Atlanta area probably checked him out just out of curiosity. Plus, as I said to my dad back in 2002 when he told me my criteria for men would yield me only five possibilities worldwide, "All I need is one." (BTW, Michael met up with one for coffee the other night! I'm keeping my fingers crossed!)

3. My mother-in-law stood behind Carrie Underwood in line at Whole Foods the other day. How cool and Nashville is that?

4. I installed a grab-code box for my Working Mom Wednesday button--on the first try! It's over in the right hand sidebar, so if you like the looks of that series so far, grab the button and do your own WMW post next week! Feel free to share your link in the comments. If a lot of people are interested, maybe we'll get a Linky going, but I don't want to be too presumptuous!

5. I finished the biography of Jackie I was reading, and started The Lolita Effect. It's really interesting--a little scary, when you think about all the influences facing even young children (seriously, playboy bunnies on onesies?? French maid costumes for toddlers??)--and challenging to think about how to handle all these issues with Kate. The author's main point so far is that our culture is too bipolar when it comes to sex, glorifying the concept in general, but getting really hush-hush and repressive when it comes to actually talking about the real issues surrounding it. I'll write a full review when I'm finished. Very interesting.

6. Let's see... what else? Here's a cute picture of Kate I may not have shared yet.

Have a great weekend!!

1 comment:

Amy said...

Wow - what a spike! You should make him a regular feature!

Can't wait to hear your review of The Lolita Effect.

I go to church with Nicole and Keith (how weird is it that she's so Nashville now?!). My toddler plays with their toddler in the nursery. They come regularly too when they are in town, which impresses me. They are very friendly and low key - nice people.


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