Monday, July 19, 2010

Granna's Party

It's been two weeks since Granna's big birthday party, so I'm feeling rather delinquent just sharing these pictures now, but it's been a busy couple of weeks! Matt's mom's birthday is the day after mine (funny--my mom's birthday is within a few days of Matt's!) and her party was held on the actual day, July 5, at Mere Bulles, a nice restaurant in Brentwood where Matt's brother and SIL had their rehearsal dinner.

Here's Granna and Kate watching out the window for the other guests to arrive.
"Open my present, Granna!"
All eyes were on Kate, as usual. As the first (and so far, only) grandchild, she has a way of becoming the center of attention.
Kate enjoyed seeing her Aunt Alexis and Uncle Andrew, whom she rarely gets to see. Here, she's offering Andrew a high five, but she kept pulling away and shaking her head "no"--oh, psych!
Mema, Granna, Daddy, and Kate made a nice four-generation portrait.
We had some lovely hors d'oeuvres--shrimp cocktail and vegetarian egg rolls. (Granna is a pescatarian--a vegetarian except for fish.)
We enjoyed a nice dinner, and then cut the cake--a beautiful fondant creation made by Alexis and Andrew! They are excellent pastry chefs. They make the prettiest cookies every Christmas, and I always hear about the great cakes they make one another for their birthdays!
After dessert, Debbie (Granna) opened her presents. This picture captures the quintessential "Debbie" look to me. She had just opened her big gift--an SLR camera--and was so excited!
Andrew and Alexis also made her a "time capsule" from her birth year, also known as (if you can read the label on the front of the box) "the beginning of civilization." The box contained a Life magazine from that year, a DVD of that year's Oscar winner, "All About Eve," and some vintage-looking candy from Cracker Barrel.
As you might recall from Project Life, we gave Granna a special necklace to which we'll add more letter charms (right now it just has "k" for Kate) as more grandchildren are born.
Here's her face as she opened it. "Awww..."
It was a lovely time celebrating this Kelley matriarch. Happy birthday, Granna!


Amy said...

She looks so excited with Kate - how adorable.

And that cake is stunning. Now I want to know how to do that.

Jessica Miller Kelley said...

They did the stitched pattern on the fondant with a roller, and the bow is gum-paste. There was a this layer of buttercream under the fondant to help it stick, but that's the extent of my knowledge!


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